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Ever wonder how someone will react?

All you need to do is submit a URL. This prewritten test helps you quickly get back a video of a real person sharing their first impression of your digital experience.

Learn more about the questions asked:

  1. Spend 1 minute reviewing what is on your screen. Share your thoughts as you do so. **What** do you think it's for? **Who** do you think it's for?

  2. What 3 words would you use to describe how this makes you **feel**? Explain your reasoning for each word.

  3. What is the first thing you want to do on this page? Take 1 minute to go ahead and do it, and describe your experience.

  4. What, if anything, makes you **want** to engage with this again?

  5. What, if anything, makes you **not want** to engage with this again?

How it works

See and hear what a real person thinks about your products, apps, or messaging.

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Add a URL

Test anything from an early design or messaging to a full website. Just make sure the link is publicly accessible before you launch your one-time test.

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Watch the video

Get a video of a person providing their first impressions of your prototype or website within hours.

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Share with colleagues

Share your video with your team via email or within collaboration tools like Slack, Jira, and Trello.

What can you get feedback on?

Get first impressions on anything from an early design, marketing copy, to a full website.

Product names
Competitor website
Social media ads
Shared documents
Video commercials

With access to diverse perspectives you can

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Build better products

Improve your products and experiences with insight from real people.

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Understand user reactions

See how users interact with your digital experiences.

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Validate your ideas

Find out if your concepts or ideas resonate with people.

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Create compelling messaging

Discover if customers are enthusiastic about your messaging and value proposition.