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Witness how the world’s leading meal kit provider uses fast human insight for 9 out of 10 research initiatives
Industry: Retail and ecommerce
Company Size: Enterprise
Role: Designer, Executive, Marketer, Product Manager, Researcher
Customer Type: B2C

About HelloFresh

HelloFresh SE is the world’s leading meal-kit company and operates in the U.S., the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Australia, Austria, Switzerland, Canada, New Zealand, Sweden, France, Denmark and Norway. 

In Q1 2021, HelloFresh delivered 239 million meals and reached close to 7.3 million active customers. HelloFresh was founded in Berlin in November 2011 and went public on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in November 2017. 

HelloFresh has offices in New York, Berlin, London, Amsterdam, Sydney, Toronto, Auckland, Paris and Copenhagen.

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HelloFresh achieved

Increase in the speed of receiving insights and the speed of completing research projects
Of all app and research initiatives tested on UserTesting
Internal watch parties, with contributors providing insights, draw 100+ HelloFresh employees


HelloFresh SE is a German publicly traded meal-kit company based in Berlin, Germany. It is the largest meal-kit provider in the world.

As the first UX Researcher at HelloFresh, James Villacci established the value of conducting studies on the company’s online and offline projects. Various departments, including Product, Marketing, and Branding, gained a thirst for knowledge and insights. 

But a new problem emerged! Even as the team grew beyond just James, they became overwhelmed with requests for research, and this impacted their ability to provide insights on the rapid timelines to which they had become accustomed. That’s when UserTesting entered the picture.


HelloFresh became a UserTesting customer based on the organization’s ability to recruit worldwide, support all platforms (including live video and app testing), and a sales pitch that showed unboxings from real HelloFresh customers.

With the team able to quickly recruit participants for unmoderated testing, HelloFresh began to test more - and use advanced techniques, including semi-automated evaluative studies to review the effectiveness of their programs. And the human insight from the UX Research Team’s studies is not just helpful in shaping the company’s projects, it draws the interest and awe of HelloFresh employees.

Alice Wang, Senior UX Researcher, explains: “HelloFresh holds awesome insight parties. They're these fun and interactive presentations where we, as a team, go over the most important findings. It's an amazing way to start your week off with a dose of empathy and learning. And we frequently have over 100 people in attendance.”


With requests for testing coming to the UX Research Team more frequently than ever, HelloFresh now tests 90% of all app and research initiatives through UserTesting. They’re aided in this effort by a 400% increase in the speed of receiving insights and the speed of completing research projects. 

HelloFresh is extremely satisfied with the growth of the UX function and a 10x increase in productivity. Much of that is due to the power of UserTesting. According to James Villacci, Head of Global Research, “It's not just a solution for researchers, it's a critical solution for the business.”

More importantly, HelloFresh enjoys an incredible reputation in the marketplace. The Employees on the UX Research Team (always looking to hire new talent) and beyond hear stories about how they impact people’s lives with access to fresh and healthy meals. People simply love the product experience.

Alice Wang
Senior UX Researcher, HelloFresh

"My favorite thing about UserTesting is the way it bridges the gap between the user and the decision maker."