Integrations and plugins

More powerful insights, together

UserTesting helps you do more with your existing tools and solutions to further optimize your customer experience.

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Adobe Xd

Launch tests for your designs and experiences directly from the Adobe Xd platform.



Power collaboration and decision-making with customer insights by embedding UserTesting tests, videos, clips, or highlight reels in FigJam whiteboards.



Add clips to Jira issues to make human insights readily available in Jira.


Jira Product Discovery

Support product discovery and prioritization decisions with customer insight captured from the UserTesting platform.


InVision Freehand

Embed and watch UserTesting customer feedback videos into InVision Freehand



Embed richer UserTesting insights in Miro to make customer feedback more easily accessible and actionable.



Embed and play richer insights from UserTesting in Canva assets to promote and evangelize key customer insights to your audiences.



Understand the "why" behind the "what" to deliver the digital experiences your customers desire most


Quantum Metric

Put your customer at the heart of your digital experience with quantitative and qualitative insights



Leverage UserTesting capabilities within Qualtrics studies to better understand people’s actions, thoughts, and feelings.



FullStory provides all the data you need to build better digital experiences within your website, mobile app, or software platform.


Fuel Cycle

Collect real human insight from all your target audiences


Google Calendar

Easily schedule Live Conversation interviews based on your existing schedule and availability with Google Calendar.


Microsoft Teams

Share videos and related content directly from the UserTesting platform to colleagues and teams on the Microsoft Teams platform



Easily share insights to designated Slack channels or contacts directly from UserTesting. Open Integrations and plugins configuration options SVG Trello atlassian logo



Add UserTesting tests, videos, clips, or highlight reels to Trello cards to incorporate human insights in project workflows

Ecosystem capabilities

In addition to technical integrations, the UserTesting platform can be used in conjunction with many other business tools, empowering organizations to leverage synergistic technologies to gather human insights more effectively.

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Quantitative studies

Use qualitative research before, during, or after conducting a quantitative study with tools such as Qualtrics, SurveyMonkey, or Medallia. With UserTesting, you can gain more in-depth insight into customer attitudes and behaviors as your customers narrate and provide context on their answers.

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UX design and prototyping

UserTesting works hand in hand with leading design tools such as Adobe XD, InVision, Sketch, Figma, FigJam and others. Get quick feedback from customers at any stage of the design process by using our plug-in for Adobe XD or linking another design URL into UserTesting.

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Understand the data generated by tools such as Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, or Pendo. You can run UserTesting studies that match behavioral patterns to learn why customers abandon their carts at higher rates or why a page’s bounce rate is increasing.

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