Embed human insight into more business decisions

Drive alignment across teams with human insight, backed by a proven framework for adoption, momentum, and success.

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Satisfy your organization's need for fast customer insight

The UserTesting Human Insight Platform is a scalable solution for UX teams to quickly and easily collect quality customer feedback and create better, more customer-driven experiences.

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Empowering UX teams with fast customer feedback

Embed customer perspectives into every experience with pre-built templates, created by UserTesting UX research experts.

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    Mitigating risk

    Reduce risk by testing with your target audience throughout development.

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    Needs and frustrations discovery

    Identify opportunities to improve customer experiences or activities.

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    Diverse and inclusive perspectives templates

    Learn how experiences differ across groups to better serve all users.

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    System Usability Scale Evaluation

    Measure a product's ease of use with the System Usability Scale.

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    Feature prioritization

    See how users and customers prioritize different features or projects—and what matters most.

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Scalable insights to meet the demand for customer feedback

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Increase the quality of customer experiences to drive greater demand

Test the full customer journey. Validate concepts, designs, and decisions with high-quality “think out loud” feedback from your exact target audience.

Empower designers to make decisions that save time and reduce rework

Powerful visualizations for easy analysis. UserTesting works with prototyping tools designers know and love, such as: Figma, InVision, Axure, Adobe XD, and more.

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Drive alignment across teams, ensuring all insights are based on best practices

Templates, access control, approval flows, and robust governance for roles and permissions.

Partnerships and programs to ensure your success

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Consulting services

Expertise in building insights into an existing process—SAFe Agile, Agile, Waterfall, Hybrid, design thinking, and more. 

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Implementation services

Guided account configuration for InVision, Figma, Adobe XD, Sketch, Protopie, Miro, Mural, and more.

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Powerful partnerships

Ensure digital product teams can leverage their current technology stack while streamlining their process

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