EHQ Acceleration Program

Success right from the start

You have the vision. We have the acceleration program and the experts ready to help you succeed. Building a successful Research Repository doesn't have to be complicated.

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An acceleration program perfectly customized for your team

From strategy to concrete tactics. You will work directly with experienced researchers who have implemented successful Research Repositories in companies of all sizes.

EnjoyHQ strategy and planning workshop

Understand your ResOps maturity and define key goals and objectives for your implementation. Establish governance and onboarding strategies, and start scoping your taxonomy.

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Taxonomy design and data management

Learn best practices for designing an effective taxonomy, and strategies for organizing and managing your data. Build your minimum viable taxonomy (MVT).

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Research analysis

Learn best practices for analyzing and synthesizing research data. Increase standardization by leveraging templates and automation rules.

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Data centralization

Learn the power of integrating your data sources and tools to centralize research data into a single source of truth. Create automations to keep your repository working on autopilot, and build interactive dashboards to report trends and activity.

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Workspace review and advanced features

Review your key goals and objectives alongside a full end-to-end evaluation of your workspace. Learn advanced features, and start building a roll-out plan and onboarding strategy for the rest of the organization.

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This program can be included with your Scale subscriptions.   

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Bring all your team members

Personalized sessions with as many team members as you want to invite.