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Accessibility testing

Understand what it's like for customers to experience your brand through screen reader assistive technology.

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Digital accessibility makes a website or app compatible with assistive technology that helps people with disabilities access, understand, and utilize digital products. This process improves the experience for people with disabilities and for everyone as accessible design makes navigation, clarity, and appearance more user-friendly.

Many organizations care deeply about creating digitally accessible products and services, but the process isn't easy. Teams know they need more testing but struggle to keep up with recruiting and building tests for audiences who rely on assistive technology.

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Uncover pain points

With support from our accessibility research team, get insight into what it's like for customers to experience your brand through screen reader assistive technology to help your team build valuable and accessible digital experiences.

Achieve outcomes with help from our experts

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Capture critical insights

Our team has expertise in recruiting and testing with assistive technology users.

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Reduce risk by addressing accessibility issues

See pain points and receive recommendations to avoid costly mistakes.

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Create inclusive experiences for everyone

Reach broader audiences because accessibility improves experiences for all.

Our team of accessibility experts will do the following

  • Recruit and test: A team of highly trained, deeply experienced, inclusive researchers will test your website or application. 
  • Analyze and report: Our team will analyze videos and create a report identifying pain points and the severity of each friction point. 
  • Present findings: Receive findings paired with video highlights and recommendations to create an inclusive experience. 

Build empathy and awareness to improve inclusivity of digital experiences 

Teams find many ways to implement accessibility testing across digital properties:
  • Validate accessibility compliance audits with screen reader users and catch additional issues.
  • Test the usability and enjoyment of digital experiences with audiences who rely on screen-reader assistive technology.
  • Discover accessibility issues and reduce the negative consequences of not meeting compliance requirements.
  • Inform digital teams of accessibility best practices to design products that are accessible to individuals with disabilities.

Professional services

Receive a full service research package

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    Our certified* team will test your digital experience helping uncover issues.

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    Testing method

    Task-based live conversations—a script written by us and reviewed by you.

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    Five people who rely on screen reader assistive technology.

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    Test websites on desktop or mobile devices as well as mobile app.

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    Pain points will be identified, along with the severity of those interactions. Receive recommendations to improve the accessibility and usability of your website or app.

* Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies (CPACC) offered by IAAP International Association of Accessibility Professionals

Leverage over 200 cumulative years of UX research expertise

Let our team of experts surface, analyze, and deliver the insights you need to improve your product, service, and brand experiences.