UserTesting for healthcare

Understand and empathize with patients to improve healthcare experiences and drive loyalty

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Create better patient journeys

Ensure experiences meet patient needs across multiple touchpoints, from telehealth, to wellness apps, to in-office visits, and more
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    Enrich data and analytics with patient insight

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    Optimize mobile patient experiences

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    Reach every type of consumer from around the world

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Deliver empathetic, personalized patient experiences with UserTesting

  • Thanks to the insights we collected through UserTesting, we are now able to better understand what patients need during these tough times and can work with healthcare providers to meet these demands.
    Diana Ye
    Product Design Lead
  • "We can co-create digital and product experiences with our target customers on a daily basis with UserTesting. No other solution makes it easier and faster to be Customer First, regardless of what we’re building." 
    Jiaqi Mao
    Growth Hacking Lead, Digital Marketing and Ecommerce
  • "Talking to patients builds empathy for the patients, and helps us understand the ‘why’ behind whatever we decide we are going to build."
    Frank Rosile
    Product Development Manager
  • "We use the UserTesting platform like a Swiss Army knife, from getting quick feedback on design prototypes to conducting a 300+ person deep dive on user personas."
    Pablo Sanchez Martin
    Vice President of Design at Total Brain
    Total Brain
  • "UserTesting breaks the barriers to understanding how and why people use our product. Now everyone can test and know for themselves."
    Natalia Suarez
    Product Designer

Understand patients throughout their health journey

Get started quickly with UserTesting templates to empathize, validate concepts, discover needs, and hear patients' thoughts on health experiences.

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    Understand the patient journey

    Understand how patients engage with you across multiple touchpoints

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    Concept validation and testing

    Get candid feedback or validation to help evaluate a new concept or idea.

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    Multichannel journey

    Understand how customers engage with your brand or products across multiple touchpoints.

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    Competitive comparison

    Learn how customers feel about competitors and where you need an edge.

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    Website evaluation

    Assess critical website characteristics such as appearance, ease of use, and trust.

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    Ad testing

    Gather reactions to your digital, print, or billboard—through human insight.

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