UserTesting for media and entertainment

Create binge-worthy media and entertainment experiences.

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Create unforgettable, engaging media and entertainment experiences

Meet the needs of your diverse audience across devices, touchpoints, both online and in-person

Optimize mobile experiences

Discover the drivers of behaviors on mobile, including why users abandon apps, what fuels frequent usage, and how you can improve experiences to drive greater adoption.

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Enrich data and analytics with customer insight

Quickly inform key business decisions with data visualization and auto-generated insights. UserTesting’s machine learning (ML) models are trained to pinpoint key moments in the customer experience, displacing hours of manual analysis.

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Reach every type of customer, from around the world

Real insights from real people. Today, the customer experience is all about smarter, better, faster.The UserTesting Contributor Network is no different.

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Create world-class media and entertainment experiences with UserTesting

  • "We're so much closer to the customer now. And that's made our whole company better."
    Margaret Wilhelm
    Vice President, Customer Insights
  • "Moving into digital is an area that we have been doing for some time and are continuing to move forward in. And so learning about how users are using those products and how to best deliver them helps us grow the entire company."
    Matt Boogie
    Chief Technology Officer
    The Philadelphia Inquirer
  • "With human insight from UserTesting, NBCUniversal's global Identity solution has proven to be the most significant feature launch to date, bringing the widest impact to all our consumer touchpoints across all our network brands.
    Josh Snow
    SVP, Product and Design
    NBC Universal
  • “If we didn’t have UserTesting to optimize our platform, we wouldn’t be nearly as successful.”
    Milan Mijatovic
    Lead UX Researcher
  • “In the race for high quality human insights, nobody beats UserTesting. We recruit target users and complete our tests in hours, not weeks. It's our insight engine -- the power unit behind our momentum -- and a key reason why our remote design sprints are seen as so successful by our business leaders.”
    Sam Howard
    Senior UX Researcher
  • “The thing I love most about UserTesting is definitely the pool of users. It's expediting our process and allowing us to build digital experiences that we can say for sure are helping us serve our users.”
    Chris Hardtman
    Senior Director, Digital Design and UX
    New York Public Radio

Understand the media and entertainment customer journey

Get started quickly with UserTesting templates to empathize, validate concepts, discover needs, and hear consumers' thoughts on technology experiences.

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